This page is designed to assist advisors that are helping pre-law or prospective law students get into McGeorge. We hope that you find this page useful and we look forward to partnering with you.

Classes & Workshops for Pre-Law Students

In order to support your work as pre-law advisors, McGeorge offers free one-hour classes and workshops for pre-law students on their undergraduate campuses. Our Admissions Process Workshops give students an inside look at the law school admissions process. The Law School Prep 101 classes help students to understand how they can succeed in law school. And our Mock Classes — in subjects ranging from Contracts to International Law — give students a sample of what attending law school would be like. These sessions are taught by deans, Dean Valerie D. James, and McGeorge professors who are experts in their fields.

To schedule one or more of these sessions for your students, please contact Dean Valerie D. James at 916.739.7105 or

General Information

2021-2022 LSAT Testing Dates

Test Month Test Week
August 2021 Week Starting Aug. 14
October 2021 Week Starting Oct. 9
November 2021 Week starting Nov. 13
January 2022 Week Starting Jan. 15
February 2022 Week Starting Feb. 12
March 2022 Week Starting March 12
April 2022 Week Starting April 30
June 2022 Week Starting June 11

AccesLex LexScholars Program and LSAT Prep

LexScholars by AccessLexSM, is accepting applications for their LexScholars program and the accompanying LSAT prep course. The first 50 spaces have been filled, but free LSAT prep remains available for eligible students. Through June 1, the next 200 eligible applicants to submit all required documents will receive a Kaplan online LSAT course.

Advising Tips

Sometimes it helps to have a few extra tips in your back pocket. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Take some time to really understand what the law schools in your region offer and who their target applicants are. This should go beyond the LSAT score and cumulative GPA. Obtain your data from LSAC on where your students enrolled.
  2. Ensure you have basic financial aid information to help your students compare apples to apples not apples to grapes. Feel free to invite admissions and financial aid staff to present with you to give your students an overview of the process and the do’s and don’ts.
  3. Carve out time for letter of recommendation preparation. The letters that are a bit more personal are helpful. It is nice to see an advisor or professor really going to bat for their student.
  4. Attend the events hosted by LSAC and the law schools. There is often valuable advice offered during the events.
  5. Volunteer to present with the admissions professionals. It is a great way to network and ensure we are all working together to support our prospective law students.

More Helpful Resources


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