We are here to help! The Pacific Alumni Association team has answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. Still have more questions? Contact us at pacificalumni@pacific.edu

How do I join the Pacific Alumni Association? Is there a fee?

University of the Pacific constituents automatically become members of the Pacific Alumni Association upon graduation or completion of at least 12 units. To prove your membership status, you can request a digital Alumni ID card via email at pacificalumni@pacific.edu.

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Where can I obtain a copy of my transcripts or diploma? 

For information regarding transcripts requests and diplomas, visit this page.

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Can someone review my resume? 

Please contact the Career Services Office; visit this page to make an appointment.

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I've moved or gotten married; how do I update my information? 

Please fill out our Information Updates form and someone on our team will update your record. You can also email your new information to pacificalumni@pacific.edu.

You may use the same form to submit announcements for class notes, published the first Wednesday of every month and emailed to all alumni.

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I am recruiting Pacific alumni; where can I post a job? 

We are excited to hear you are recruiting Tigers! Visit the Career Services Handshake site to get your job/internship posted for students. If you need assistance, call 209.946.2361.

If you are a Pacific graduate and are looking to hire fellow Tiger grads, post your job opening on the Tiger-to-Tiger Job Board. If you have an account, sign in and post on the Job Board. If you have not created an account, please sign up and then go to the Job Board to start posting! For questions, email us at pacificalumni@pacific.edu.

The “University of the Pacific Alumni Official Group” page on LinkedIn has more than 5,000 alumni members. Members are encouraged to post job openings on the page and attract fellow Tiger alumni.

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I am looking to get in contact with a former classmate. How do I find him/her?

The Pacific Online Database is Pacific's online community for alumni. Log in or create an account to use the alumni directory. You can search for alumni by school, class year, industry, location, and many more filters to narrow your search.

Though we don’t share alumni contact information without approval, alumni may send communications to pacificalumni@pacific.edu, and we will forward it to them on your behalf.

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How do I access the library online resources?

Library resources are handled by the Library. As an alumni you have access to certain free resources. Visit the library web site for information on the resources available to alumni. It is important to note that alumni do not have the same access to library databases as current students. For more questions, call the library at 209.946.2431. 

You’ll need a digital alumni card to access library resources in-person. You can request a digital Alumni ID card via email at pacificalumni@pacific.edu.

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As a Pacific graduate, can I access the pool and other facilities on campus? 

Special alumni rates are available for Pacific alumni interested in purchasing a membership to the Baun Fitness Center or attending a Pacific Outdoor Connection trip. Click here to find out more about the Baun Fitness Center. Alumni may also participate in all intramural activities. Baun Fitness Center membership is $250/annually or $25/month.

You’ll need a digital alumni card to prove your alumni status. You can request a digital Alumni ID card via email at pacificalumni@pacific.edu.

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