Pacific Alumni Association

The Pacific Alumni Association is the organization that oversees activities, events and benefits for University of the Pacific Alumni. The Association is currently made up of five staff members and  a 30-member volunteer board of directors who work with regional and affinity volunteers and reunion committees. Alumni leadership is the key to the Association's success. The Association hosts more than 150 programs and events each year, working to connect alumni to the University, its students and each other.

Any students who attended the University of the Pacific for one year (24 credit hours) and left in good standing are considered members of the Pacific Alumni Association and are eligible for Association benefits. The Pacific Alumni Association is a non-dues-based organization, which means any qualifying alumna/nus can take advantage of alumni benefits and services.


The Pacific Alumni Association, in close collaboration with the University of the Pacific, connects Pacific Alumni to the university community. Our mission is to strengthen the relationships with alumni, students, faculty, and staff by hosting events and providing benefits and services that encourage participation in and awareness of the University. By engaging alumni, the Pacific Alumni Association enhances communication, involvement and support for the University of the Pacific, while enriching the lives of alumni.


The Pacific Alumni Association aspires to be the primary provider of the lifelong Pacific experience by connecting alumni, students, faculty, and staff. We envision:  The cultivation of leadership for the Association Board, committees, Pacific clubs, and other University entities; a strong collaboration with the University for alumni and student programming; the development of the Alex & Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House for its enjoyment and use by the Pacific family; the support of affinity groups; the optimal use of technology to creatively support programs and communication; and the securing of funding to support the Association.

2023-24 Pacific Alumni Association Officers

President, Allan Hardcastle `77 COP, `79 LAW

Immediate Past President, Julian Toro Solis `08 COP, `10 EDU

President-Elect, Joshua Foster `08 COP

Vice President, Greg Aghazarian `93 LAW

Vice President, Pamela Gibbs `92 COP

Vice President, Jillian Hall `13 PHS

Vice President, Fabian Morales Medina `04 COP

Vice President, Carol Hirota `77, `79 COP

Vice President, Leedjia Svec `01 COP

Board of Directors

Brian Biedermann `04 EDU

Greg Blueford `11 COP

Tricia Christensen `98 `99 BUS

Francesca DeMello `85 COP

Nevin Eberhardt-Sandstrom `12 BUS

Heidi Gleason-Doyle `78 BUS

Allan D. Hardcastle `77 COP `79 LAW

Barry Harper `66 BUS

Grant Kirkpatrick `19 COP

Michael Krieger `09 BUS

Kuy Ky `92 COP

Brad LeDu `77 COP `79 LAW

Caryn Lockhart `09 EDU

Russell Marzette Jr. `00 ENG

Bryce McLaughlin `11 MUS

Saumirah McWoodson `09 COP `13 `23 EDU

Leah Myers `10 `13 COP

Karen Nakamura `77 BUS

Kelli (Williams) Page `87 COP (PAA Associate Vice President)

Jorge Ramirez Jr. `13 ENG

Anthony Shafer `97 ENG

Neel Singh `12 COP

Bobbie Wallinger `64 COP


Notable Alumni

Pacific alumni have become professional musicians and actors, members of legislatures and leaders in governments, professional athletes and celebrated writers. 

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