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Counseling and Psychological Services
209.946.2315 x2
Location varies by campus
After hours therapist: 209.946.2315 x2, x4

Indicators of Distress

The following are some of the general symptoms of distress:

  • References to suicide
  • Isolating self from others
  • Significant decrease in energy and motivational level
  • Marked change in behavior
  • Erratic class attendance or class performance
  • Sudden unwillingness to communicate
  • Drop in grades
  • Alcohol and/or other substance abuse
  • Body image and / or eating concerns
  • Excessive self-criticism and guilt
  • Statements reflecting a sense of worthlessness, hopelessness or helplessness
  • Tension-induced headaches or nausea
  • Change in appetite and / or sleeping habits
  • Anxiety, depression, stress and "burnout"
  • Feelings related to changes in personal relationships, such as break-ups, divorce, or death
  • Academic problems, such as career indecision, dissatisfaction with academic major, inability to concentrate, and difficulty with workload
  • Threatening bodily injury or harm to others
  • Violent behavior
  • Being overly suspicious and fearful

If you think someone is in need of emotional/mental health assistance, please refer them to CAPS. However, if you are concerned that they are at risk for imminent harm to themselves or someone else please call Public Safety.