Welcome Message from the Director

I would like to personally welcome you to the University of the Pacific, Sacramento Campus, Department of Public Safety webpages. Our Mission is to provide a safe and secure campus environment which allows our students, faculty, staff and visitors to study, work, visit, and live. Our Mission is accomplished through a commitment to public service, training, and open communication with our campus community.

The Pacific Sacramento Campus Public Safety Department provides 24-hour patrol and crime prevention services for the Sacramento campus, along with its students, employees and visitors. The Public Safety Office is located at 2981 32nd St. You are welcome to stop by and visit with our dedicated Public Safety Officers.

Jason Darling, Director of Public Safety, Sacramento Campus | Email

Reporting Forms

Safety Walk Program

Our Public Safety Officers will provide an escort for students and staff members to and from campus parking lots, offices and campus residences. To request a Safe Walk escort, call 916.739.7200 or contact the attendant on duty at the Law Library circulation desk.

Public Safety Publications

Daily Crime Logs

A daily crime log is maintained and is available for public view on the bulletin board outside of the Director of Public Safety's office. Safety alerts are both emailed through Pacific Connect and are distributed and posted on bulletin boards in residence and academic halls, and in other conspicuous places around the campus to properly alert the campus community of violent incidents that may occur on or near the Pacific Sacramento campus.

Megan's Law

Members of the Pacific Sacramento Campus community have the right to access "Megan's Law" information about registered sex offenders who may be employed or enrolled on campus. In compliance with federal reporting requirements under the Campus Security Policy and Crimes Statistics Act, you can obtain this information at: http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/disclaimer.aspx.

No-Weapons Zone

With the exception of law enforcement officers, Pacific Sacramento Campus students and employees are prohibited from bringing firearms of any type, weapons (as defined per CA Penal Code, etc.), ammunition, fireworks or explosives of any kind onto the campus and campus housing.