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    Life at Pacific

    There are moments of seriousness, moments of silliness, moments of reflection, and moments of revelation. There are times you will be thrilled, sad, invigorated, starving, frustrated, exhilarated, exhausted, confused, relieved, revived, and refreshed.

    You will celebrate a new friend, or a new idea. You’ll find that professors can also be confidants, teammates, advisors, mentors, and lifelong friends. You’ll find the campus to be your home away from home, a comfortable and comforting environment that will always be welcoming.

    You’ll find that people you meet in the next four years will be some of the most influential in your entire life. You’ll be challenged by your classes, but you will persevere. And most of all, in meeting new people and discovering new things, you’ll define yourself – that person you have been growing toward, the person you want to be.